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Customer’s Viewpoints & Feedback

  • I called Life’s Plan Inc. from Olathe, Kansas because I had questions about the best way to handle inheritance for my adult daughter in Illinois. After explaining our particular situation,

    Lorna Cox
  • Their employees are efficient, helpful, very personable and prompt in paying her personal expenditures when requested. They genuinely care about your specific questions, and are willing to take the time

    Carolyn H., Highland, IN
  • Life’sPlan provides an invaluable service for many of our clients who would otherwise have to spend their last remaining assets on long term health care and medication. Some of our

    Michael H. Erde, Elder Law Attorney
  • I don’t know what I would have done without the help of Life’sPlan. It enabled me to keep what money my mom had left and to use it to make

    Allan M., Palatine, IL