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Life’s Plan Inc. manages special needs trusts in a pooled investment for meeting the supplemental service needs of people with disabilities and the elderly without jeopardizing state and federal benefits.

The goal of each trust is to enhance the quality of life for the beneficiary by providing a financial mechanism (a Pooled Trust). The grantor of the trust creates a Life Care Plan with the Pooled Trust to direct how the funds are to be used for the long term care needs of their family member with disabilities.

Life’s Plan works with individuals with disabilities, the disabled elderly, families and legal professionals by offering:

  • Multiple Trust Choices to meet individual needs.
  • Personalized Case-Management to assist individuals and their families in navigating the process of setting up a trust and managing the estate of a person with a disability.
  • Technical Assistance via Legal Counsel to assist the participant’s attorney in drafting appropriate Trusts.
  • Life’s Plan Inc. provides the Trust and the Trustee, which benefits families when there is no family available or chooses not to act in this role.
  • Professional Oversight of Expenditures.
  • Tax Services billed at a prorated basis at a low fee based on the leverage of the pooled rate.
  • Life’s Plan Inc. uses Government Tested and Approved Forms.
  • We offer Online Access to Individual Accounts or Quarterly Statements upon request.


Why Life’s Plan Inc.

  • Life’s Plan Inc. offers OVER 30 Years Experience in managing Special Needs Trusts.
  • Low Minimums ($10,000) to start a Trust while other trusts require a $75,000-$270,000 minimum. No maximum limit.
  • Low Fees in proportion to the starting Trust amounts.
  • Strong Roots & Deep Community Ties through a long standing partnership with the Ray Graham Association.
  • We have an Attorney Referral Pool to offer families/professionals which can assist in setting up an appropriate Trust.
  • Some of our Trusts permits the use of some of the remainder Money for Charitable Purposes upon the death of the beneficiary.
  • Flexibility – Life Care Plan that accommodates the changing needs of each individual while providing the family assurance their loved one is cared for.


Life’s Plan History

In 1986, the Ray Graham Association began a non-profit pooled trust called the Self Sufficiency Trust of Illinois. The Ray Graham Association has been providing services to people with developmental disabilities and their families for over 50 years. The Self Sufficiency Trust was a first of its kind in America as a pooled trust providing a financing mechanism that could benefit people with disabilities while not jeopardizing their public benefits.

In the 1990s, other trust options were enacted under federal law called OBRA 93 payback trusts. In 1996, the Board of Directors (Trustees) for the Self Sufficiency Trust decided to rename the company as Life’sPlan Inc. This re-incorporated pooled trust offers its beneficiaries both the OBRA payback trust along with its original third party pooled trust. Life’s Plan as a pooled trust service has been providing a professional trustee service and case management to its customers with disabilities and their families for over 30 years.