Case Management


We provide personalized Case-Management to assist individuals and their families in navigating the process of setting up a trust.

As an added value to our participants, Life’sPlan Inc. provides customized Case Management services based on the needs of each participant and their families, recognizing that each participant is unique. As a result, Life’sPlan Inc. is constantly expanding the scope of our Case Management services to be responsive to the variety of needs encountered with the participants we have had the opportunity to serve.

We take a personalized approach with each participant and their families. We spend the time necessary and listen to the concerns/needs of each individual offering them support, comfort, and the security that concerns/needs are important and will be addressed. We get involved, sorting out the issues, exploring the facts and working to resolve concerns and/or acquiring the services that are necessary. There have been a variety and many areas of support. Some examples have included:

  • Assist on a limited basis, participants to obtain property
  • Intervene on the participants behalf in handling invoicing and credit card disputes
  • Assist on a limited basis, participants in planning vacations
  • Assist participants with various vendors such as cable TV, Telephone Company, etc.
  • Helping participants deal with family issues
  • Follow up phone calls after doctor visits
  • Assist on a limited basis, participants in purchasing automobiles
  • Provide a listening ear whenever needed
  • Assist on a limited basis with supporting a move

For more complex or involved support needs we can either refer you to other agencies or organizations that provide these services or provide you with the additional support for an additional hourly fee depending on the type of provided services. This could include the following:

  • Advocacy Services – Provide ongoing scheduled visits and oversight to insure appropriate service delivery, quality of care and special need provisions. Advocacy and visits to the individual with a disability may be planned at intervals necessary to meet the individual’s needs and provide the family with necessary peace of mind. This advocacy might begin when the parents move, become incapacitated or become totally disabled. The frequency of visits could be increased at the death of the first parent and again at the death of the second parent. The advocate reports and makes any recommendations to the Guardian or other designated individual who retains the decision making responsibility. This service can be utilized to provide a significant amount of support to the family unit, particularly to the sibling who may be taking over guardianship or care monitoring responsibilities.
  • Funeral/Burial Services – Upon the death of the participant, we can work with the family to arrange for the cremation or burial arrangements with a local crematorium, or funeral director. This could include preparation of remains, church or religious services, flower arrangement, death notices, cemetery arrangements, insurance policies processing, etc.
  • Relocation/Moving Services – Arrange for the packing and moving of furniture and personal effects; process with post office and vendors the necessary notice of address change; disconnect, transfer, and reconnect utilities; etc.
  • Bill Payments and Account Reconciliation Services – Work with participant to pay monthly bills, and reconcile monthly bank and/or credit card statements.
  • Other Pre-negotiated Services – From time to time there may be additional needs of a participant and/or families that we may be able to support. Depending on the need and our expertise, Life’sPlan Inc. will negotiate additional individualized services.