Scott Nixon

Scott Nixon has been the Executive Director of Life’s Plan Inc. for over 10 years.  Life’s Plan operates as a pooled trust program meeting the supplemental support needs of people with disabilities while not jeopardizing state and federal entitlements.  Scott is an invited speaker for his work as Trustee.

Scott has worked for over 15 years with organizations that provide a wide array of services to people with disabilities.  Scott has been a teacher, mentor, advocate to adults and young adults alike with disabilities in areas of employment, social security benefits, life skills training, self-determination, disability rights and long term planning.

Dawn Feldt

Dawn has worked for over 5 years as Trust Administrator for Life’s Plan Inc. Dawn has uncovered cases of fraud and exploitation and has helped clients avoid bankruptcy going beyond just her trustee duties.  She often works closely with our beneficiaries to oversee their additional care needs, utilizing outside case management and other services available in the community to assist a client.  Dawn has a deep rooted compassion for people with disabilities and their families.  She goes above and beyond to ensure fair and equitable treatment for all the beneficiaries we support.  Dawn’s expertise has helped eliminate potential fraud and exploitation of trust clients always ensuring the nature of a request will not potentially cause undue harm to the beneficiary or jeopardize their public benefits and services.

William WilsonLP_staff_william_wilson

Bill is Permanent Legal Counsel for Life’sPlan, Inc. Bill Wilson has practiced over 20 years, concentrating in the areas of Elder Law, Estate and Medicaid Planning, Estate Planning for Families with Disabled Children, Probate, and advising not-for-profit corporations. He is a member of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and of the Chicago Bar Association Committees on Trust Law, Asset Protection, and Elder Law. He is the past president of Helping Hand Rehabilitation Center, an agency for individuals with developmental disabilities and also of the local chapter of the American Cancer Society. Bill is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Southwest Suburban Center on Aging in LaGrange, Illinois.